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1980 Chevrolet Camaro - Mk_Wss


1980 Chevrolet Camaro 1
Owner:   Mk_Wss
Year: 1980
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Est.Horsepower: 600
Engine Type and Size: 383 small block
Torque @rpm: ???
Transmission: th350
Power Adder: BDS blower
Performance (ET/MPH): 12.6 in the 1/4 (G-Tech Pro measured)
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I' had this car since high school.  It'a street driven car with air, soundsystem, and everything. It's driven distance limited only by fuel mileage. Tongue

Pontiacman | Guru
Posts: 1890 | Joined 11/09/07
Posted: 07/05/09 03:08 PM

what a clean ride.
kurtdaniel | New User
Posts: 16 | Joined 05/13/09
Posted: 05/16/09 01:49 AM

that engine is a beast,,,check out my ride too..
MattGT | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 02/05/08
Posted: 11/11/08 08:15 PM

thanks for the comment man... my exterior isnt as nice as it looks in pictures i have some major blemishes that need to be dealt with.... next summer ill hopefully have it ready for paint. oh and according to my vin mine was built in Van Nuys last year for the california camaros (i think last year)
MattGT | New User
Posts: 14 | Joined 02/05/08
Posted: 09/15/08 11:38 PM

Duuude sweet car, i was gettin worried that i was the only guy on here with an 80'

btw whats that thingy stickin out of your hood for.............

ooooh i know its a deer whistle
Mk_Wss | New User
Posts: 6 | Joined 08/19/07
Posted: 02/27/08 10:25 AM

Please excuse my "air dyno" Blush I want to think that the engine makes somthing in that range, based on the engine build and the level of boost I'm running.  I Have run at a real 1/8 mi.track since that first post, and I did run a 7.6 sec at 90mi per.  I do have a serious traction problem too.
str8upchevy | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 02/24/08
Posted: 02/24/08 06:59 PM

Nice car, I've owned about 9 Camaros myself. (Nothing between '73 and '86 though) Anyway, I'm just a little curious how your car would only run a 12.60 in the quarter with an estimated 600HP?  Shocked  Unless you were spinning half way down the track, it doesn't make sense. I've ran 12.31 in a 66 Chevelle with only a 400hp small block 400. 600hp should put you somewhere in the 10's,....easily!
admiralspark | New User
Posts: 42 | Joined 07/30/07
Posted: 01/20/08 08:01 PM

digg the car man, great job! I'm lookin into a '79 that I'll stroke to 383 but leave N/A. My budget in HS is barely enuff to afford the repairs Wink 10/10 here
drew2583 | New User
Posts: 29 | Joined 10/24/07
Posted: 10/26/07 06:39 AM

hey, this is one sweet ride, rhis is what we mourn for, the push ya in the seat and hold on kinda thing. Wink
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