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1977 Chevrolet El Camino - camino77

1977 Chevrolet El Camino 1
Owner:   camino77
Year: 1977
Make: Chevrolet
Model: El Camino
Est.Horsepower: 295
Engine Type and Size: 5.7 tune port
Torque @rpm: 270 at 3000
Transmission: turbo 350
Power Adder: cam
Performance (ET/MPH):
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1977 el camino power by a 350 tune port with a crane cams 295/295 at .050, larger injectors supplied by a 255 lph pump in tank, a 4800 cmf dual stage cooling fan keeps the car cool even with the ac on .
exhaust is a set of headman header flowing into 2.5 inch dual exhaust
turbo 350 has a decent shift kit that allow for a harsh shift to be felt in this sled being followed by 3.08s ina open ened 10 bolt.
inside has custom overhead console,floor console, white face gauges.
all rolling on torq thust 2 17x8 s

donkey72kong | New User
Posts: 5 | Joined 02/17/09
Posted: 10/23/10 07:52 PM

how hard was tpi install? any pics or info u can share?
i have a 71 350 that i would like to swap from carb to fi, wut year top end did u use? checc out my page....
Pontiacman | Guru
Posts: 1890 | Joined 11/09/07
Posted: 07/05/09 03:37 PM

very nice.
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