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1978 AMC AMX - cincijeff01

"Kenosha Killer"

1978 Amc Amx 1
Owner:   cincijeff01
Year: 1978
Make: AMC
Model: AMX
Est.Horsepower: 300
Engine Type and Size: 4.2 litre HO six cyl
Torque @rpm:
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Power Adder: Clifford 6+8, Holley 390 carb,
Performance (ET/MPH): 14.8 @ 95mph
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One of 2540 built in 1978 probably 50 left. An original solid car, redone in the last year. I wanted something different ( as all AMCers do) So we built the standard 258 six cyl with a Clifford intake, split exaust, 3" pipes with Flowmasters, and a Holley 390 carb for streetability, I havent dynoed it yet but should put out close to 300hp. Its a blast to drive and i've had some Chevy guys wonder what passed them. Happy Ramblin'

Pontiacman | Guru
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Posted: 08/24/09 11:39 AM

Not bad.
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