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1972 AMC Gremlin - GremlinXman

1972 Amc Gremlin I Wonder Why I Need New Slicks
Owner:   GremlinXman
Year: 1972
Make: AMC
Model: Gremlin
Est.Horsepower: 532
Engine Type and Size: AMC 401 Pump gas
Torque @rpm: 500
Transmission: 727 transbrake
Power Adder: NONE
Performance (ET/MPH): 11.03/ 121
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They are never done. This years goal is to hit 10's
This car gathers crowds at the car shows. Most ask "What's that" I answer "It's an AMC Gremlin X" Then they say..." Who makes that?"

BGRamblinMan | New User
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Posted: 02/16/10 01:33 PM

Gremmys! Gotta love 'em!!
Pontiacman | Guru
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Posted: 08/24/09 11:44 AM

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