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1954 Ford Ranch Wagon - Normsride

"BEECH BUMB wana be"

1954 Ford Ranch Wagon You Have To See What I See Wh
Owner:   Normsride
Year: 1954
Make: Ford
Model: Ranch Wagon
Est.Horsepower: 0
Engine Type and Size: V-8 5.8L(351W)
Torque @rpm:
Transmission: C-6
Power Adder:
Performance (ET/MPH):
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My name is Norman Durnion from Taylor Michigan.
This is my project car.
It will be done on the cheapest budget possible.
It will be a show stopper when done.
I do all, ALL the work my self.
-Body work and Paint
-Chassis mods
-Engine build
-Trans build
-Interior Upholstery, etc...

Here are the plans;

It will be turned into a 2 door, Tin Woody.

The door pillers will be slanted.
It will have a red plexi glass top.
Electric tilt front end (NO hood pins)
Custom front end.
Custom rear end.
The wood on the sides will be painted on with flames in the wood (like burnt wood).
The paint will be Candy Red with Ghost flames that will carry into the wood, as described.
It will have every power option available, including power sliding rear side glass and vent windows.
Red/White Custom Interior.
Murrals under hood, tail gate, quarter hips with "BEECH BUMB" "wana be" on the quarter hips.
The wood sides will go completely over the front wheel openings. The originals did not.
The wood trim (Framing) will be real wood.
It will be lowered w/ adjustable air ride.
Many, many mods.....
Ho, Ya! It will have all Drum brakes!!!!!! I'm not a trend follower.

I will post pics as I get things done.

Hard to believe, but I'm going to try to do this vehicle on a $5,000 budget. I will use bone yard parts like the good old days. These parts will be reconditioned as I go. By me!!!

Whether I can or not? I'm not sure. But the main cost will be materials. As I said I do all the work myself and NOT "IT WILL DO" type of work. I'm very picky about the work I do. I should meat the budget if I don't screw up too much and have to throw materials away.

I'm not quit sure of how long it will actaully take but I'm shooting for summer of 2011 to take it for the first ride.

As I said I will keep post on the progress and pics.

Normsride | User
Posts: 63 | Joined 09/21/09
Posted: 09/24/09 01:22 PM

Thank you. Pontiacman.
It will definetly keep me bussy.
You just never know? I may ask people here for opinions on mods.
The drum brakes will be vented well! This will help keep cost down. Don't really want to go there here! Just mentioned it.
Pontiacman | Guru
Posts: 1890 | Joined 11/09/07
Posted: 09/24/09 12:45 PM

Looks like a great project.
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