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1959 Ford F-100 Pickup - JamesDean

"The Jacko"

1959 Ford F 100 Pickup 1
Owner:   JamesDean
Year: 1959
Make: Ford
Model: F-100 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 330
Engine Type and Size: Ford 302 small block until the next one is built
Torque @rpm:
Transmission: C4 tranny with a shift kit for now
Power Adder:
Performance (ET/MPH):
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I bought this pickup a year ago for 500 bucks at a parts store here in town. Since then Ive done the body work and paint motor work wheels and tires, along with a few extras like 1950 pontiac tail lights and interior work. My uncle Larry "Bun" Bunderson (which is in the pinstripers hall of fame) did all the pinstriping and door decals. The pickup was a father and sons inspired project so our last name was put on the door as Kobolds speed shop. Alot of people dont get the phone number which is two shorts 6782 that was my great grand parents old phone number on our old ranch. Under that it says "The home of Fast freddy(my dad), Bun(uncle), Nolie(brother) and James Dean(me). So the pickup got its nickname from my step son when I was building it he kept calling it the jacko and no one knows why so when we got the license plates for it I had custom ones that say "59Jacko" and right above the plate in the back Bun put Colten's so when you read it it says Colten's 59Jacko, and I did that to see if maybe one day he can tell me what it means but as for now hes 3, so for right now its just Coltens 59Jacko.

Pontiacman | Guru
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Posted: 03/06/10 07:28 AM

Not a ford fan but that is one nice truck
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