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1978 Ford Fairmont - lamonte78


1978 Ford Fairmont 1
Owner:   lamonte78
Year: 1978
Make: Ford
Model: Fairmont
Est.Horsepower: 1200
Engine Type and Size: Ford 401 Windsor
Torque @rpm: ?
Transmission: Powerglide
Power Adder: Turbocharger S480
Performance (ET/MPH): 9.26@143
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1978 Ford Fairmont

Well here it is, tell me what you all think. I've been tring to come up with something cool that wasent a mustang for years, that when I got into Fairmonts, Ive always loved the malibu when I was younger and I've owned a few, But  the boxyness of a malibu and the aftermarket support of ....Everyone.  There are just too many aftermarket companies catering to the late monel mustang crowd its sick.

Fairmonts just make since.  So this one started life as a 200 ci 6, with a automatic, with 47,000 miles on it.  It spent a few years with a 302/ 5 speed combo which is just fun, as anyone with a 5.0 will tell you.  I've heard about HotRod dragweek, and I was hooked on the idea, so plans were made to start a new project. Out when everything, and I started from scratch.  I got a Mustang K-member, 8.8 from another car of mine with 33 spline axles, and a spool.  I took out the 4.10 and swaped in a set of 2.73's from the junkyard, next all UPR rear control arms and anti-roll bar went in.  The car when to my cousins house to start building the turbo kit.  We used mustang headers flipped around and a bunch of 90 degree bends from NAPAs truck and bus parts books. At the time the turbo was a stock piece from a over the road semitruck.
After all the pipes were bent and coated the car went down the street to another friends house to bend up a cage, The car ended up with a 8.50 legal 10 point, he also made the floor accept the single 4 inch exhaust.  The engine ended up being a stock 351 Windsor from a Lightning with a set of RHS heads, and a small hyd. roller cam.  C&S specialities are responsable for rhe fuel system and Carb,  If anyone plans on using a Blow-Thru set up, please do yourselves a favor and dont make shortcuts. Call Roger at C&S, our final setup netted 16 miles to the gallon on E-85.

The first setup was 11.50 @ 124,  5-6 pounds of boost with the gear I was shifting after the 1000 foot mark.

The late setup was a 401 inch windsor, powerglide with a 3.27 gear. 18 pounds of boost on e-85 was the 9.26 pass.

I'm planning on stepping it up for next year, mini-tub, with more boost, I hoping to be knocking on that 8.50 door

benander-m | New User
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Posted: 12/29/09 04:41 PM

Scary nice!!!!! Excellent!!!!!!
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