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1993 Ford Mustang - JeffGilpin


1993 Ford Mustang 1
Owner:   JeffGilpin
Year: 1993
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Est.Horsepower: 689
Engine Type and Size: 427 windsor
Torque @rpm: 598 ft lbs @4600
Transmission: Tremic TKO 600
Power Adder: NONE!! 93 Octane Fuel!!
Performance (ET/MPH): Best so far,of 7 runs 9.94 @138 MPH
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This is a car dedicated to my son Max ,15,who died in 2008 ,after a football practice due to heatstroke ,caused by an Fist yr head coach.It was a project he and I were to finish as he got older.I've been a Ford Master mechanic for over 25 yrs,and he loved to help me in the garage on jobs . The car I've owned since 1997,and it had 230,000 miles on it when I parked it.I started the project in fall 2010,and was driving it to my first car show Aug,2011.It has a Comp.eng four link, a Sportsman chromolly cage 1/4 mile.A heavily fabbed and braced 9" diff.with a aluminum 35 spline Yukon center section and spool,with 4.86 Richmond gears and Moser axles.

The front end is supported by a Q-A1 K-member,tubular control arms,with QA1 double adj.struts and camber plates.Flamming river man rack with skinny kid bump steer kit. Wheels are welds with 29/14.5 Hoosier quick time pro's ,with a DOT tag!!  Trans is Tremic tko 600,pro shifted,with a center force dual friction clutch,and McCloud Hydraulic clutch conversion and SFI bellhousing and flywheel. A Precision Race Engine 427 Windsor with 689 HP,and 598ft.lbs of tq. See engine Dyno run on Precision web site.All ON PUMP GAS and NO POWER ADDER!!!! I drive it alot to cruises and shows over 1500 miles last yr.The best ET. so far is 9.94 @138 mph,It's a blast to drve and verry little maintenence.Hope you like it ,and don't forget to "Live Life to the MAX"!!!
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