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1984 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency - nine8


1984 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency Ballin
Owner:   nine8
Year: 1984
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Ninety-Eight Regency
Est.Horsepower: 550
Engine Type and Size: 455 .030 oldsmobile,J castings, wolverine blue racer hyd flat cam (REMEMBER THEM?),9.0:1 compression nothing special.
Torque @rpm: ?
Transmission: TH400 turbo action valve body,frank lupo 10" converter.
Power Adder: NX gemini single stage plate system
Performance (ET/MPH): 11.51 118 1.49 60 foot, 150 hit mediocre tune up its been "fast" with the kill tune up
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there is a very long story behind this car. this is the brief one.

my old man built a 455 olds engine for a friend "charlie"in 1988 for a henry J prostreeter project that was eventually aborted, well the 455 wound up in "charlies mothers oldsmobile" as a daily driven cruiser with a 2004r and 3.42 10 about 1993 my father purchased the car from "charlie" and wound up changing the car into what it is now the car is very trick from the home made ram air set up,to the plastic headlights,factory aluminum hood/decklid 9 inch ford rearend,carbon fiber driveshaft,3 inch quiet exhaust with tailpipes and alot of unoticible go fast tricks, IE look where the fuel lines are routed....the car sat for meny years (2003-2011)i just recently had the time and extra funds to get it road worthy over the past few years...the car is awesome,pretty fun to drive even on the white wall street tires,has ice cold air conditioning to cruisein the summer. it is very well known in the north new jersey street racing scene of the early 1990s and 2000s it was by far not the fastest car on the street but it definitly made its money and left its mark . it ran hard for the time and what it was i figured alot of the old heads from the area may remember the car if they seen it here and apreciated it. the car is a work in progress as usual i have a killer 469 inch,alum head,roller cam piece for it ,just no time as the project is slowing down due to our main project dads 67 camaro X A/MODIFIED PRODUCTION race car that is now a streeter.  this is a somewhat basic run down, there is ALOT more to this thing LMAO.

thanks for reading.

joseph spino

PS the car is also forsale.
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