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1980 Pontiac Firebird - Don Pasqualino

1980 Pontiac Firebird 1980 Trans Am
Owner:   Don Pasqualino
Year: 1980
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firebird
Est.Horsepower: 450
Engine Type and Size: 455
Torque @rpm:
Transmission: TKO 600 5 speed
Power Adder: none
Performance (ET/MPH): 12.46 @110 mph
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The Object of My Affections

I saw her name and number on the back of an old paper.                                                 I knew her type, she was cheap and easy.                                                  I didn’t really want her, but I had to go and see her.                                                   You could tell by one glance she was used and abused.                                                Still the curves of her body enticed me.                                                    She had a deep throaty voice.                                                 The scent of her leather and oils had me hooked.                                                Even though she had many flaws and weaknesses I found myself taking her home.              
Once she was there I knew I needed to make her safe                                                   I had to trust her, and she could only do that when she felt
safe                                                 After that, I worked on her cuts and scrapes healing them one by one.
Then I worked on each of her weaknesses, making her stronger then she had ever been before.
At one time she was the weakest of her siblings, now she was the strongest.                                 Many days and nights we spent together .                                             She was so responsive .                                                                                                  The mere touch of my body on her would send her heart racing.                                                Her screams of delight in the night could be heard by all the neighbors, but we didn’t care.    
She was mine and I was
her’s.                                                 I know every part of her and she know’s how to please me .                                                   We have been together now for more than 27 years now and I swear she gets more beautiful every year.                                                                                                         Every time I am inside her I feel young again.                                                 Her touch is so familiar to me, her response is guaranteed.                                            I have had others before and I will have more in the future but we will always belong to each other.

1980 Trans Am
1971 455 motor
HO round port heads
Competition Hydraulic Roller Cam
Rochester 800 cfm carburetor                          
Hooker Super Competition Headers
3" exhaust system
Center force dual friction clutch
TKO Tremec  5 speed manual w .68 overdrive
Ford 9" rear end 3.25 gears
Global west upper control arms.
Et. 12.46 @ 110 mph (in third gear)
22 miles per US gallon on highway
(27 Canadian)
28" Et Streets rear  245/60 X15 front
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