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1956 Buick Special - airboss211

1956 Buick Special A Special Buick
Owner:   airboss211
Year: 1956
Make: Buick
Model: Special
Est.Horsepower: 400
Engine Type and Size: 5.7 Hemi
Torque @rpm: ?
Transmission: 545 RFE
Power Adder:
Performance (ET/MPH):
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56 Buick Special Hardtop. 5.7 Hemi, 545 RFE , BBK throttle body ,Pacesetter headers , C-4 Corvette front suspension and rack. Corvette disks in front ,explorer disks in rear. 9'' Ford, 350 gears , Auburn posi , Strang pumpkin. AM four link , air shocks and auto leveler in rear with onboard air. All work done in my garage. Parts sourced on Ebay and Craigs list. PPG Viper Red and Chardoney paint. Vintage Air with Dakota Digital controller, and gauges. DD fan controller, clock , and retained accessory power. Custom fabbed ac supply and ac control in ceter of dash. Firewall smoothed.
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